24 Jul 2009

Changing your rights

Today I am being a little picky… just a little.

I’ve written on numerous occasions about Papa-tricks running the country as a Christian state. Nothing wrong in that you say?

Actually there is.

The major religions are Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and then we have large numbers of others who do not fall under mainstream Christianity – Baptists (they have their own holiday, don’t you know?), Pentecostals etc. Then we have Atheists, Agnostics etc.

Now, some may think that there is nothing wrong in living like a Christian, but we already have a case where the Privy Council ruled that it alienates a significant section of the society. Besides, Papa-tricks has an unnerving way of being Christian only when it pleases him.

I find it difficult to comprehend a Christian who is pro-hanging, and yet refuses to grant equal rights to people of different sexual orientation. The one at odds with Christianity and the other at odds with the law…

I promised many weeks ago, I’ll be perusing the Draft Constitution for anything I find at odds with the current Constitution. And even before I got to the section on rights of the individual (the Draft Constitution has the words ‘Everyone has the right’ instead of ‘the right of the individual’), I’ve met something I don’t agree with.

5. (2) Everyone has the right to have his life respected and this right shall be protected by law and, in general, from the moment of conception.

From the moment of conception”? I’m not sure how many actually see the sneaky way an anti-abortion clause is written in.

And here is where my problem lie. I am pro-abortion, not for any religious fervour, but to me it is a sensible alternative in certain situations. To throw a blanket ban, especially when a significant part of society does not subscribe to the Christian point of view is reeking of a smug superiority. And yes, a Christian state.

Maybe that is why the right of the individual to respect for his family life is significantly missing from the Draft Constitution also.

I am wondering how many think it is Papa-tricks business whether or not they choose to have an abortion?