7 Jul 2009

Conspiracy and bias

The chance of something happening once is called happenstance. Twice, coincidence. Three times, it’s deliberate (and actions of an enemy). This was postulated by Ian Fleming in his book ‘Goldfinger’. At least, I think it was that particular book, but I could be wrong. I have the author right though.

Therefore four times must be a conspiracy. Right?

I am speaking of course, of Papa-tricks’ tricks in postponing the Local Government Elections for a 4th time. Yesterday, I predicted it will happen. Unfortunately, not one newspaper revealed who was the Independent Senator who sided with the Government to pass the vote.

In a separate but certainly more confusing issue (to me) I see that UDeCOTT has escaped censure by the Privileges Committee for an ad it printed in the newspapers.

…the advertisement, which had called on Gopeesingh to make the statements he made about the corporation during a House of Representatives sitting on March 4 outside of the Parliament.

Now, time and time again we hear ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’.

…corporation was "unaware that it may be considered contempt of Parliament to challenge a Member of Parliament to repeat his assertions outside Parliament".


Ah, but here’s the rub. The Privileges Committee that excused them has a majority of PNM members, including Speaker Barendra Sinanan who is the Chairman. What this really means is that UDeCOTT, as Papa-trick’s Golden Entity (chaired by padner Hart), could and would never have been censured in any way. The outcome was a predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise.

Now, I am simply commenting on the appearance of bias here, eh? I ent even getting involved in whether or not this is legal or not, since I am not an expert. But it reeks of such a high stench, I fraid to breathe.