1 Jul 2009

Crap galore

Today there is a lot to comment on in the news. My late posting is because I have been out for most of the day. Ice Age 3, in 3D is amazing.

  1. First thing I noticed is John Jeremie and the ‘I eh moving’ attitude. Maybe that’s why people go to the john? But it stinks of the attitude of Max and Shermie who were also asked to resign by the population and who ‘ent move’. Another thing I noticed was this statement: "If it means having to knock on doors and to stretch my authority as far as they can possibly be stretched properly under the Constitution, I will do it." That is a worrying statement, reeking of arrogance and a willingness to use any means to justify the ends.

  2. His Highness, in all his arrogance, has refused to apologise for insensitive remarks he made on the murder of a 10 years old girl. More ‘collateral damage’… oh wait, we can’t say that because we don’t know the whole story, as he says.

  3. The judiciary is once again protecting itself from criticism by lambasting one of its own who dared criticise the judicial system… of the CCJ. One of the weirdest scenarios, if only because it is so flecking ludicrous. Shades of Stanley John! I guess all they want these CCJ judges to do is laze around and collect their salaries in $US mind you, drinking pina coladas at the poolside. And of course, once more the man of runny diarrhoea is in the middle: Attorney General John Jeremie said: "[Justice Hayton] has certainly stepped beyond the boundaries of ordinary judicial criticism and in a forum which is not appropriate.”

  4. Of course, the stupid statements come thick and fast today:

    “Manning gave a stern warning yesterday to anyone considering turning to a life of crime. He said they should always be on the look out for the police.

    He said police officers had taken a more serious approach to apprehending bandits.

    "They are moving to minimise the time in arresting these bandits. And the next step is the court where the bandits would be brought to justice," he said.”

I can’t even comment on that nah. It beyond speech or coherent thinking.

I was planning to write more eh, but the heat getting to meh. Is 26°C, and ah feeling like ah want to pass out. Besides, ah done start grinding meh teeth over the shit ah see, so I going see if I could do a Michael Jackson and find a Trini doctor to prescribe some Demerol.