21 Jul 2009

Death of a salesman

… and denial by the widow.

As in the Arthur Miller play, this family seems not to be able to accept the realities of  life (and death!), and so now the wife is suing for a first class livelihood she feels she has been denied.

The lawsuit also noted that Nunez-Tesheira no longer had the benefit of the perquisites from her husband's employment at Clico "which included first-class travel, staying only at first-class hotels or five star hotels and trips abroad, dining out and attending functions and charity events as spouse of the deceased and a Christmas hamper every year worth approximately $5,000."

Buh wait nah… ent de woman inherited 12M from the husband’s estate? So she can still afford a first class lifestyle. So where is the problem?

She is still able to attend those functions and ‘charity events’ (high level socialising, really) but the peeve might really be that Christmas hamper, which she certainly can afford, but is no longer FREE. Never mind that Clico can’t afford it now that its own arse is in deep shit too.

She claims that surgery ought not to have been done on her husband and is claiming compensation. So… perhaps she thought it would have been better to live (and suffer) with his original ailment? Funny how this objection did not come up 5 years ago, before the surgery.

You know, it occurred to me that perhaps spouses of crime victims can sue the state similarly, for deprivation of income lost when the breadwinner is shot/chopped/stabbed/hanged in a state prison. After all, it is a failure of the state to provide the security that is quoted in the constitution, a clear breach of certain rights.