6 Jul 2009

Delays and independence

Independents object to postponement of Local Govt elections

So says the big, bold headlines in the Express this morning. The details that are pertinent are as follows:

Government's proposal to extend the life of Local Government bodies and delay for the fourth consecutive year the holding of Local Government elections, is likely to face serious opposition in the Senate.

Several Independent Senators have said categorically that they are not supporting any further extension of the life of Local Government bodies.

So far, so good. There are ‘several’ who won’t support the further delay.

Government needs the support of at least one Independent Senator to have the measure passed.

I bet they get it. Out of the 9 ‘Independents’ a couple know where their bread is buttered, as I have previously said often enough.

Mark my words, the extension will go through, and the ‘Independent’ voting for will be Michael Annisette, who sits on several State boards, the HMB, UdeCOTT and is a strong supporter of the current regime.