15 Jul 2009

DFX Audio Enhancer

I can’t believe in 2 years of blogging I have never blogged about this software before:

For several years I’ve been using a little add-on to Windows Media Player and Winamp called DFX Audio Enhancer. Now, like many of the software I like, there’s a free version. (^_^)

DFX is unbelievable, and I really do mean that. What it does for your music, is like what Obama did for the US (^_~)

DFX adds Fidelity, Ambience, 3D Surround, Hyperbass etc to the music and can switch from speakers to headphone and vice versa.

The free version has a few limits but at a price of $50 US for the full version, it’s worth it (in my opinion). Still, even the free version will add dimensions to your music you’ll find unbelievable, especially if you have a good speaker system like I do. My Phillips wireless headphones work a treat too when i just want to do some head-banging without disturbing others. (^_~)

At the moment, I’m cranking out some serious dB (as I write this) to Chaka Khan’s To Sir With Love (Barry Harris club Mix). Golly, I think I shook some earwax out there.

Download the free version, seriously, and give it a try. I bet you won’t regret it.