16 Jul 2009

Grrrrr!! Dunciness finds me after midnight!!

It's 00:46 tonight (this morning). The phone rings. I answer. I listen.

Someone on the other end goes, "Hello"

I go, "Hello".

He goes, "I'm just calling to see if you could be interested in a BT landline (British Telecom)".

Me: Do you know what time it is?

Him: It's quater to three in the afternoon.

Me: Where are you calling from.

Him: Mumbai in India.

Me: Where are you calling, like what country?

Him: I'm just following a list they gave me.

Me: What number you dialed?

Him: Just the one on the list (no actual number given).

Me: Who are you?

Him: Me - I'm Bob.

Me: I think if you're calling someone's number you need to know which country, and what timezone you're calling. It sounds extremely incompetent to me what you've done.

Him: Oh sorry about that.

Me: Click.

Well next time the phone rings at that hour, I'm putting whoever it is on hold and starting my voice recorder. I wish I had this conversation in audio for you all.