24 Jul 2009

Firebombed - is witness in a duncey case.

A witness in a case against a duncey had his house firebombed last night, dong on dee Rock.

He was the witness in a case against a duncey police officer charged with misbehaviour in public office and renting his service revolver to a civilian. See dee full story: TT Express 2009-07-24.

A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the man’s home in Fyzabad, around 3AM yesterday morning. Luckily his house did not catch on fire.

Well, why I intrested in dis? Amazingly 3 nights ago I was chatting to a pardner dong on dee Rock. He tellin’ me how it is common knowledge now, dat police officers rentin’ out dey gun fuh kidnappers, rapists and murderers to do dey dirty work – similar story to that in the TT Express 2009-07-24. Well of course high officials and the likes of Joseph will deny any knowledge of deese goings on. Whuh yuh expec’ dem tuh say - “Yeah we know i’s a problem” ? Come nah man.

Po’ fella – dis pardner (above) - he and he wife wanted to go for a li’le lime after work. They both middle aged. He say, “Boy, when we t’ink about it, and dee chance we could get hands up…we say ‘nah’..leh we stay home instead…So we put on dee cable TV..and lock up dee burglar-proof”. Same couple – went away fuh two weeks abroad. When dey come back, dey meet dee house wid burglar proof sawed off and dee ‘hole house tief out! Police investigation I arksin him. He say, “Whuh is dat?

Look t’ings bad dong dey. In fact t’ings wo’se dan we really seeing it. Wid t’ings as dey are how many people going to stand as witnesses in any major case. When you and yuh famaly life could be at serious risk, whey yuh going? Like no whey, nah. Yuh stoppin’ right dey inside dat burglar proof cage and watchin’ dee cable TV.