16 Jul 2009

A Hartless City


Today, I went to the Embassy in London, a 4 hour trip by bus, but very economical because at £8 per ticket, return, it does not leave you ‘buss’. Bus without buss, you see?

The first thing I met on sight at Belgrave SQ (where the Embassy is located – and recently the home of John Jeremie) was the sight you see in the photo above. The flag was rather a dismal example too, for a major City and major Embassy.

Readers may not remember that Glenda Morean, when she was appointed to the Embassy had a great many extensive repairs/renovations/additions done including installing a heated swimming pool. She did not do additions to her hair and to her family like some Ministers though.

Well, maybe Jeremie is not too pleased because I am again seeing repairs being done. Is he putting his own stamp on things, despite being recalled to Trinidad and Tobago? Or is it the spite of being recalled to Trinidad and Tobago?

Anyhow, the second thing that struck me was that the workers were Caucasians… so I started questioning why no Chinese workers were involved?

I mean, if they good enough for the PM’s mansion, what is a lil Embassy?

Then I realised… London has no Hart.

PS I barely got to use the washroom, far less the pool. I didn’t even get to see what my tax dollars paid for. And despite a great many world recognised exports, the Embassy only showcased (literally) Angostura alcoholic products… No drinks were forthcoming either, so I kept my power mints and ginger mints to myself…


Captain Walker pointed out this morning that I was not too clear whom I was referring to when I mentioned that “the workers were Caucasians”.

Let me point out that I am not referring to the Embassy staff, but to the repair workers on the outside of the building.