10 Jul 2009

How to sell your independence

No surprise how ‘Independent’ Michael Annisette voted in the debate to postpone local government elections.

Gail Merhair who is the other Independent Senator to support the bill, said she ‘consulted’ with a ‘constitutional expert’ before voting for.

Merhair had told the Senate that she sought the advice of a constitutional expert but yesterday did not want to say exactly who that was since "the person is outside of the political system".

News for you, Ms Merhair. Once you consulted with the ‘expert’ and you followed the advice, that person is no longer ‘outside’ the political process, as you have dragged him/her into it. If that person is now brought into the limelight, as I hope s/he is, then you cannot cast blame on anyone, but yourself.

It is most enlightening to hear her say that the role of the Independents is not to ‘thwart government policy’. Is it then the role of Independents to support government policies? Why be titled as ‘Independent’ then?

"I have no problem with people questioning me but I think it should, in fact, spur them on to realise how our Constitution is developed, how is our framework, what legislation is in place and if they want changes and if they want to see a better system then they need to do the right thing when it comes to voting and get their houses in order and get themselves in order and elect the right people to serve," Merhair said.

More enlightenment. If you want change, vote it in… don’t expect the Independents to help you… a scenario that I personally find uncomfortable as it reeks of a dictatorship that is no longer ‘creeping’ but now an out and out marathon in the making.