31 Jul 2009

Poor Faith … No faith!

The Captain was seriously upset by these photos and what they represent. I think all of us who see these pictures must feel the baby’s and her parents’ pain.

baby_faithPictures are from The Guardian front page 2009-07-31. I’m speechless. The poor child is unable to know what is going on around her.

According to Medical Chief of Staff at SGH, Dr Stephen Ramroop, in Newsday 2009-07-16
I would like to let everyone know that this is an incident that will occur, has occurred and does occur in every single acute care hospital in the world.
baby_faith_closeup1 Zooming in on Faith’s arm.

When I read in Newsday Newsday 2009-07-16, that Dr Ramroop said, “When the line extravasated it was recognised by the junior doctors, the senior doctors dressed the extravasation, or cellular damage, and referred it to a specialist plastic surgeon,” - I was thinking to meh chupid self, “Why dey sen’in’ dee case to a plastic surgeon for…mus’ be somet’ing political?” Well at dee time (back on 16th July) I wasn’t seeing dem photos, eh. Now dee referral make sense.

But have an even closer look.

Dr Ramroop reportedly said, “The wound will heal. Nothing is wrong with the child’s bones, nothing is wrong with the limb, it is a superficial burn that most of us would get when we scald our hand, in this case it was due to a fluid that leaked into the tissue and damaged the skin.

Aye – well medical records were reportedly missing when Anand Ramlogan sought them, on behalf of relatives: Newsday  2009-07-30. Ah feel medical records fraid Ramlogan like a cyat boy – so dey mus’ be does dus’ it when dey hear he comin’ fuh dem! Dey could have legged it to Mt Hopeless perhaps – who knows?

Well it seems dat Baby Faith’s mother – in Guardian 2009-07-31 - provin’ Dr Ramroop wrong, boy. She sayin’, “Earl said doctors were concerned when they removed the bandage from Faith’s hand yesterday, and saw that the injury was not healing.” A nurse reportedly said that Faith’s arm was in “terrible condition”. Oh and dee medical records dat were MIA suddenly turned up!

In other events at St. Ann’s madhouse, The Ministry of Health has promised ‘transparency’ in the investigation of Warner’s beating to death [TT Express 2009-07-31]. Transparency? Daize a big wo’d eh. Dem fellas know whuh dat is? Yuh never read bout Udecott or what? And yuh t’ink dey go be transparent about Baby Faith’s arm, wid Ramlogan gehin’ ready tuh put a nail in dey ass. Come nah man – doh make fun! Ah lorse meh faith, long time..long long time!

My faith in the TT Gov't health service is: