28 Jul 2009

Senility or plain dotishness?

Today, the Guardian published a story in which Pa-trick reveals an ‘assassination plot’ to get/eliminate him. Or maybe just the PM, not him.

Now, I find this to be a serious piece of dotishness. Not foolishness as Benny Hinn described our PM of having in abundance, but the more serious dotishness that comes from an abject failure to reason, comprehend and action.

Pure stupidity if you will.

The so-called ‘assignation attempt’ (the ‘plot’ was escalated by the end of the third paragraph of the story - direct quotes from the PM by the way - into an actual attempt) was a direct reference to 1 year ago when one PC Auguste, on patrol, attempted to stop a black unmarked SUV being driven in a dangerous manner.

We all know the result of that. The PM (not Pa-trick) became personally involved, involved the Minister of National Insecurity who in turn involved the Commissioner of Police… result: poor PC Auguste got his sorry arse drummed out of a job. Something I had predicted when the incident occurred.

Somehow, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that there are 2 persons in charge in Trinidad – a PM and Pa-trick. And he has at times 2 companions, a Minister of Local Government and a wife, though which is which and who is who I am left totally confused at times. This despite having some pride in my reasoning ability.

Anyway, I foresee this as yet another attempt at dramatising the attempt by PC Auguste to discipline a duncey who was driving dangerously. We all know PC Auguste is in the process of appealing his dismissal and now that the PM or Pa-trick can pin an assassination attempt on him, his arse is further darkened (or doomed). Poor fella. Yet another shaft up the nether hole.