1 Jul 2009


Well, I don’t know if I’m more surprised than most of Jumbie’s readers – to see me posting directly on Jumbie’s blog.

Jumbie invited me and I was indeed hesitant to accept. Well as regular readers of Jumbie’s Watch know, I do give him some real pressshaaah. And we do have our different points of view. I must say he is a better man than me for managing the differences of opinion I throw up. Some people woulda get vex long time and bet orf.

Well what does it mean now? Are Jumbie and I one and the same – masquerading as split personalities? Simply – no! Like duh.

We are not the same person or identity. Besides our differences of style and opinion, there are many similarities – as well, readers will have seen over the last two years.

So what happens now? Well I don’t really know. This is new territory. We’ll have to see how it goes. Jumbie will continue to get presshaaaah as usual. And I guess I’ll have to learn to take some myself. It’ll all make for a very interesting time ahead.

For this first post I wanted to share some music that I found to be very inspirational and soothing.

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