14 Jul 2009

Weather the weather

I real feel like de summer over. Here in Brum, (de nickname for Birmingham) de weather turn just like that… winds blowing cold, rain falling like a slack drawers, flowers wilting, de water in de pool so cold yuh feel like yuh bathing in a Scottish beach…

Ah swear, de hair on meh legs freezing and breaking off… that might also explain wha’ happen to dem on meh head too. (^_^)

Today real overcast, the wind chilly too bad, and I even have to turn on the heat because the temperature drop to a lil smidgen below 15°C.

Ah have to bring meh plants inside. I have some chrysanthemums, roses (well dem could stay outside but when I bring dem in dey flower all thru the winter) and meh podeina. Ah plant some pepper that have to come inside too, along wid meh orange trees and meh sapodilla. Oho, ah nearly forget meh 2 aloes. Dem hadda be inside too.

Oho, funny story. Last night Punks was telling me a story at bedtime (for a change) and she was telling it in a little haphazard manner. So I kept interrupting to ask questions.

She ups and sez: “Dad, will you stop stopping me?!!”

Aha, I thought. Now she is a Trini.