17 Aug 2009

3 AM prattle

Is 3 O’clock in de morning here. I up since 2. I jess cyah sleep. Mus’ be why people start asking meh if I is ah Jumbie… years now people start to call meh dat… I blame meh padna from Inland Revenue… he know who he is… for starting dat.

Anyway, I cyah sleep. De place hot enough to make meh sweat. De fan fighting a losing battle. I doh know if is de weather, or me. Somebody mention to meh that it could be male menopause (called andropause) but it seems the jury still out on dat one. (^_^)

Anyway, I doh know what really wake meh up, besides de heat. I guess it had some noise outside, since HRH is outside somewhere chasing down… skirts?

But now it have a kinda unnatural quiet in de air, like de calm before de storm. I have ah appointment at 9:45 AM, and I should go get some sleep, but lorsh, the place hot… wait, ah tink ah mention dat.

Yesterday Punks went to Himley Hall and she has photographs since she took the Kodak along with her. But she’s not here at the moment, so we have to wait till I get back de camera.

Himley Hall is a place where even de drains look good, so I hoping she have some fine pics for meh to show. Ah saying now, is she responsible fuh dem photos eh. I give de chile credit for a good job all de time.

All is not lost though. Birmingham has a lot to see, and altho I ent take dese pics mehself, this link could show you some ah de sights. And sites too.

Ah get permission to put up pics ah de dinner in de Indian restaurant. Dis is Di, whose birthday we was celebrating. (^_~)

Birthday Girl

The picture was taken wid meh Nokia 6220 and if yuh want to know what dat could do, jess take a peep here. I still finding out tings de phone could do… yesterday I was lazy so I had it reading out meh text messages out loud to meh. Really… it does read meh emails and text.

Anyway, I gone… have to see if I could get some shuteye. We go pick up laters.