30 Aug 2009

Ah Trini joke

This is ah joke only a true, true Trini will get the first rounds:

A man have a parrot, a sex mad parrot. De parrot have sex on de brain, all de time, rong de clock. De parrot was also very promiscuous. Very!

Every time yuh see de parrot, it engaged in a sex act, with any kinda animal. Anything that walk, crawl, or fly was a victim, and ah sure if de parrot coulda swim… well…

De fella only warning de parrot, caution after caution. Ah mean, is like he say it one time, is like ah thousand and one… he get fed up.

He warn about disease, sex exhaustion etc… he parrot ignore everything.

One day, fella come home, see Parrot sprawl out in de front yard. Picture this:

Parrot lying on he back, head heng over, tongue falling out, eye close and de 2 foot cock up in de air like ah dead cockroach.

De man start to rant, telling de parrot, “Yuh see! Yuh see! Ah tell yuh dat yuh go get yuhself killed. Yuh doh listen, look at yuh. yuh dead! Yuh jess harden!”

Well, a good few seconds pass with dis kinda ranting going on, and de parrot open he eye and say:

“Shhhhh, corbeaux flying!”