24 Aug 2009

Another baby dead

Well I doh know what to say now. Another baby is dead after surgery. Yeah ah know deese t’ings happen after complicated heart surgery. However, something sounding strange about the condition of the child after the surgery.


The distraught young mother appeared to be in the dark and kept in the dark. Read the story here: TT Express 2009-08-24. I find there are too many cases like these in the media, where relatives appear to be given the run around.

It would not matter so much the nature of the heart condition or how complex the surgery was. The post-operative condition of the child from what is in the media seemed to be the important issue.

But you can expect that health officials will be babbling on about how complicated heart surgery is – and glossing over the issue as with the case of Baby Faith.

You see when you eh know, you go jes accept any nonsense theories presented as fact by doctors trying to cover dey own arses. In these kinds of situations relatives are given some yarn to chew on – and they seem to accept it. Well except the ones who turn up in at Anand Ramlogan.

The next thing they do is go to a lawyer. The lawyer is not a medical expert. So, s/he eh know what to look or ask for. Dey looking at t’ing purely from legal perspective – and daize whey dey does lorse.

Interestingly The Medical Justice Board – which I am affiliated to – recently published a short article Hitting the target, that seems spot on.

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