24 Aug 2009

Back to the Privy Council we go

Anyone remember some time ago, Pa-trick was making all sort of hot air statements (I won’t comment on which end it was all coming out of) about doing away with the privy Council so that T&T could resume hangings?

I wrote then that he was pushing a kind of dotish talk.

So, I am glad today to see a response in the Guardian calling for the retention of the Privy Council.

Okay, Mr Modeste’s arguments are at best weak, but he has the general gist of the way the wind is blowing.

We simply cannot rely on the political or legal maturity of Caribbean states to police ourselves. Well, it’s the same as asking T&T Police to police themselves, and we all see how well that is working out…!

I can’t help but think that in the past 8 judgments involving Trinidad and Tobago at the Privy Council, at least half were found to be unfavourable to the local courts and to the Government. In other words, as the Captain always saying, we get ‘tap up’.

No, as much as the CCJ may be a political tool for expedient votes, we have no choice but to stay away from it, if only for that reason. So back we go to the Privy Council…