21 Aug 2009

A Brummie Job

During my walk into the City Centre yesterday, I took some photos of several sights that I had not seen before. These are ‘temporary’ items placed within the city centre. I say temporary, because the coming winter may well see that they are removed.

Here is a unique look at a Mini, used most famously in a chase scene in The Italian Job. This one has living plants all over it. I supposed it could be classed as a different type of hand job. (°_°)

City centre 016

City centre 017

City centre 018

A gentleman standing next to me remarked that it was one car that didn’t use much petrol, to which I observed, “No, but it uses a fair amount of plant food!”

I am quite sure it isn’t looking its best… the flowers look old and affected by the colder days and nights.