27 Aug 2009

Cloaked vaginas on display!

Okayyyyy.. everybody calm dong. Guys get out your roll of tissue… in case you happen to be reduced to tears, of course.

The pics below (clickable) are hyperlinked from: Devinath.com – of Spice.

I’m pretty old school. I think this woman’s attire – albeit fuh Carnaval – is erotic in nature.

It would arouse sexual interest from an average male homo sapien.

Buh who is me tuh say anyt’ing – doh interfere wid dee people carnaval, nah.

Well allyuh know long time, I doh cyare a monkeys who say w’at – I will express my opinion so long as there is no lawful restraint or breach of the law.

I eh know dee uman, but she parading she body under dee guise of ‘Carnaval’. Eeef you arks me – and you don’t – all like she are making fools of demselves.

Do women in T&T get off on fantasies about the number of men masturbating to their semi-nude pictures? It might be a bold question to arks but a very relevant one. And eef dee answer is yes, well guys you can use your tissue paper for other things – without restraint or hesitation. Well it is reality - isn’t it?

I’s not about Spice; i’s about Vice – isn’t it. Look I eh no prude.. but come nah man…dey have to be some boundaries to things.

Fuh dose who eh too interested in thinking about deese tings jes ogle dis one here. And for a voyeur’s feast, click: Devinath.com 

[I have no affiliation with the site whatsoever]