29 Aug 2009

Explaining CSI to my readers

I’ve been a fan of CSI for as long as the show existed… there’s something addictive about getting into a who-dun-it and trying to figure out – well, who-dun-it.

One thing I can’t figure out though, and I may be wrong since I haven’t seen an episode for some weeks, but…

Why on Earth and Sinbad’s seven seas do they use torches? I mean, in daylight, in Miami, they use a torch to examine for evidence - outdoors.

Other sane people would just pull a big-arse spotlight and crank up a generator offsite and voila! Lights galore.

Still, the torch effect must be pretty cool because it certainly hasn’t passed the attention of certain Crap Shitting Individuals down on Monkey Island. No spotlights and Delco for these boys; nope, they used ‘Tiger’ torches and Eveready D sized batteries.