29 Aug 2009

Guarding de Guardian?

Guardian offline

The Trinidad Guardian’s website is offline. Why, I do not know. Allegedly it is for maintenance; but somehow I suspect when it is back up, the ability to post content and comments might be lost.

Why do I suspect this? Primarily because the comments, especially on articles concerning the Government, were extremely critical of the Executive President… I mean, Prime Minister. The bottom lickers, I mean, bottom feeders he is surrounded by also came in for their fair share, so Imbert-cile, Joseph, Tesheira, et al were leathered to a point where it was obvious we could almost see through them.

Not even Calder Hart escaped, though it seems his wife did – she is out of the country, and out of reach of the Commission of Enquiry that wanted to call her as a witness.

Anyway, the bet I am putting out is that by the time the Guardian comes back online, it will have restrictions to the public, and the orders from up high to Anthony Wilson, editor, will be in effect.