10 Aug 2009

Hope raised, hope lost

Every so often, something I see doesn’t quite meet a standard of reason. In other words, it makes no sense. Mostly it applies to ministers of Government opening their yaps and watching the shit flow… like this fella. By the way, this is the same fella with a 24 years old adviser, eh! Wonder if is she who advise him this time?

Then we have this editorial in yesterday’s Guardian. I was lost on this one, from headline to end. And that was before I saw this

I mean, “Tobago sleuthing success raises hope”?

Something is wrong right there. First of all, I have a problem with the word sleuthing. Police dunceys hold a man on suspicion, on Monday. By Friday, after being in the hands of dunceys, he ‘confesses’. Man, if you believe that, you’d also believe in my crystalline left nut!!

The 25-year-old suspect from Argyle in Tobago is reported to have confessed, under interrogation, not only to mutilating the Greenes last week, but also to the earlier killing of a visitor.

“Confessed, under interrogation…” That alone tells me something, and it ent nice. I’ve heard police dunceys boast of their ‘interrogation techniques’, and some of it makes me quite sick. It is like they try to outdo each other in terms of human depravity.

Beating a suspect on the soles of the feet so there will be no marks, taps, batons, beaten with hoses, cables, slammed into walls, crushing his testicles between the pages of the thick, heavy station diaries…

Perhaps the sickest story I heard was of a duncey neighbour in Trinidad who said that following a complaint of rape in Palo Seco, they just went out, hauled in the first man they met on the street, and beat him until he confessed. And yes, the duncey telling the story laughed as he related how the man screamed after having the station diary slammed on his testicles and the confession came pouring out amidst tears. Can you imagine being beaten so much, you confess to a crime you know nothing about, willing to risk years in prison, just to escape your tormenters?

So this headline, “Tobago sleuthing raises hope” has left me in utter disbelief. There isn’t much evidence of sleuthing. I can’t see why the Trinidad cops were being praised so highly over the Tobago ones either. If anything, the Tobago ones were the ones who did any sleuthing, to have a suspect in custody. All the Trini ones did was ‘extract’ the confession ‘under interrogation’.

And why praise the police for ONE ‘solved’ crime? We have the statistics to show 80,000 serious crimes in the past 6 years. We praise them for ‘solving’ ONE out of that??

Man, I can go on and on about this, but I'll end here. My readers can think for themselves. As for me, I’ve lost hope.