18 Aug 2009

My Playlist this morning

Sometimes when I am blogging, I crank up WinAmp (with my DFX add-on) and select a playlist to keep me going.

This morning I’ve chosen some golden melodies…

  1. Where do broken hearts go – Whitney Houston
  2. I believe I can fly – James Ingram
  3. Imagine – Randy Crawford and Zucchero
  4. Ever-changing times – Aretha Franklin and Michael McDonald
  5. Piano in the dark – Brenda Russell and Joe Esposito
  6. Sadness – Enigma and Enya
  7. Return to innocence – Enigma and Enya
  8. One day I’ll fly away – Randy Crawford
  9. When you believe – Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston
  10. One moment in time – Whitney Houston
  11. Your wildest dreams – The Moody Blues
  12. Nights in white satin – the Moody Blues
  13. Matrix Theme - Enya

It works for me…