5 Aug 2009

Oral sex causes throat cancers!!

Recent research has now revealed that oral sex is an emerging important cause of oral and throat cancers. Experts in the USA fear an epidemic of cancers due to changing sexual practices.

Dis is not a spoof or a joke. Read about it more at WebMD 2009-07-29.

Human papilloma virus is the culprit which spreads the cancers via the oral route. It is causing a rapid increase in oral cancer rates including tumors of the throat, tonsils and tongue. - said Scott Lippman, MD, who chairs the thoracic department at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Studies of oropharyngeal tumor tissue stored 20 years ago show that only around 20% are HPV positive, Lippman said. Today it is estimated that 60% of patients are infected with the virus.

The percentage of oropharyngeal cancers that are HPV positive is much higher now than it was 20 years ago,” he said. “This is a real trend, and that is why there is concern of an epidemic given that fact that oropharyngeal cancer is increasing at an alarming rate.”

….The types of patients we are seeing now with oropharyngeal cancers are not the patients we have classically seen who were older, smokers, and have lots of other problems. These are young people, executives, a whole different population.

So this is serious stuff! Many people moved from penetrative sex to non-penetrative sex thinking they might avoid HIV etc. The emerging verdict it seems, is that sex with partners not bearing recent certificates of freedom from a range of STD’s, is not safe.