8 Aug 2009

Seeing is believing?

Now and then, my observational skills take a flying leap forward. Seriously. I mean, I do try to take in the news in a casual fashion, if only to prevent myself from going mad – any psychiatrists out there?

But now and then, I have to point out what my ‘skimming’ of the news draws to my attention.

Like this morning, I noticed an article in the Guardian, and one name leapt out at me.

Wesley George was (is?) the (former?) education officer of the PNM Youth League. He has made himself famous on my blog before.

Just goes to show what brown-nosing in the right place (the right seat?) will do.


I could not help but notice the ethnic composition of those nurses who were selected for specialised training. Looks a bit skewed, doesn’t it?

Between the brain power of Narace and George, we have the Ministry of Health being run by Laurel and Hardy.