23 Aug 2009

Shifting troubles

Carla Browne-Antoine, acting DPP is recommended to be a High Court judge.

This situation reminds me of Mark Mohammed, who proved to be fiercely independent when appointed DPP. He was thus 'promoted' to be a judge in the high court.

Now we have the same thing happening again. Carla Browne-Antoine was suspect in her involvement to charge Sat Sharma, but since then has proven a thorn in the ambitious strides of the Manning regime.

He vetoed her permanent appointment as DPP and now the JLSC is intent on moving her in a manner which she can't refuse.

The move has effectively ended any attempts by Brown-Antoine to rise to the post of DPP after Prime Minister Patrick Manning reportedly vetoed her appointment to the top position several months ago.

As DPP, she would be overseeing ALL criminal matters, including those involving politicians from both the PNM and the UNC. This is a scenario I am sure the PNM wishes to avoid, her impartial nature may prove to be a hindrance to the agenda Manning has.

As a judge, she is out of the way... judges may not comment on or seen to have political affiliations, and she can only oversee matters that come before her in the High Court... thus she loses influence and the ability to guide and advise on criminal charges of those matters as she now does.

Manning remains as slick as a snake covered in hog fat.