30 Aug 2009

A short trip

Yesterday I took a trip to Shrewsbury. It is about an hour's drive from Birmingham. This is a few highlights compiled as a single file.

I was looking at our position in Google Maps on my Nokia 6220, and it really was amazing to see satellites picking up my phone (the tracking beacon), marking the position and see us moving along the roads in real time. I connected with a minimum of 5 satellites and a maximum of 8 at any time.

I could have even plotted our journey and get either a text (list) view or a map view, all within seconds. And a single click gave me the return journey, that is, the directions in reverse! I could even get a satellite photo of our position (not in real time obviously).

All I could think of was:

What a good thing for potential 'kidnapees' down on the Rock.