19 Aug 2009

Some morning musings

Hmmm, it occurred to me that if I had to blog everything I am thinking, this would be a very, very long post indeed this morning. I’ll take it in small bites and see how it goes:

(To do this, I’m listening to selected songs of Sachin Dev Burman…)

Let’s start with Professor Courtnay Bartholomew, who writes a ‘science report’ in the Express that is clearly more political than scientific. On top of that, didn’t the Ministry of Health put a ban on ALL doctors from commenting publicly? I guess it fails to muzzle the Prof for 2 reasons:

  1. He ‘falls’ outside the remit of the Ministry as he is not (?) employed by them.
  2. His castigations of the MPATT and the Medical Council falls squarely in line with the PNM agenda and provides ‘sound’ reasons for the Ministry to set up parallel boards and pursue its own agenda.

Don’t get me wrong…  I enjoy reading the kangkalang educated opinions the Prof writes about; it must be the Trini in me that likes comess to be informed.

Moving on… the soldier who ran over a kayak was operating a pirogue in a ‘private capacity’ while on sick leave. Since Yanik Quesnel, 17, of Cascade, and his friend Carolina Barry-Laso, 16, of Spain sustained multiple broken bones and severe head injuries when a pirogue crashed into them as they were swimming in the waters at Pigeon Pt Bay, Tobago it was discovered there ARE NO LAWS TO REGULATE THE USE OF BOATS IN SWIMMING AREAS!

In the past 2 years, no laws have been drafted, and no charges pressed in the past incident. I see the Newsday has reported that the pirogue in the latest incident has been towed to the Coast Guards’ Stauble Bay base. I suspect, like the other, this will pass and nothing will come of it, and yet another family will be left traumatised, grieving and silently swearing that Trinidad was, is and  always remain a third world banana country.

Concerning the search for a new Commissioner of Dunceys, once again, despite a ‘flawed’ process of selection by the hiring firm, the Police Service Commission is looking for yet another firm (gasp!) to screen all potential applicants for that position.

I don’t know… something doesn’t sit quite right with me on this one… isn’t this just like the former ‘flawed’ procedure? Wonder what Imbert-cile changed, or what excuse he will make this time if they don’t get their man?

And this morning I see our foremost Christian citizen is once again going all guns blazing for resuming hangings

Manning said the Privy Council determines matters that come before it based on the principles "existing not in the Caribbean, but the UK and Europe".

Referring to the death penalty, he said, "The Privy Council goes out of its way to ensure that the death penalty is not carried out in Trinidad and Tobago.

This is such a piece of dotish talk, I sincerely believe (coupled with his separation of Manning and the PM as 2 separate entities) that this man is mentally disturbed. Honestly, dotishness alone cyah explain this level of insanity.

First of all, the Privy Council has never stopped hanging and has acknowledged that it remains a constitutional law in the country. What they have said is that hanging after a 5 year period MAY be considered ‘cruel and unusual’. So, if Pa-trick wants to hangs, as the blood-thirsty Christian citizen he appears to be, then nothing is stopping him. Hell, he could even hang after the 5 years period… the word ‘may’ is not absolute.

On the matter that the Privy Council determine matters based upon principles existing in the UK and Europe, he just seeks to mamaguy the uninformed. The Privy Council is a court of law, and cannot reflect public opinions or policies… it can only adjudicate on what is written in the law, in this case, the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

So once again, I have caught our foremost Christian citizen in an out and out lie.

And still on Pa-trick, he is pushing hard for the position of Executive president, giving all kinds of weak and inane reasons. I’ll debunk that bovine reasoning another time; right now breakfast is calling…

But before I leave, I have to ask:

How the hell could people praise this face for a ‘beauty’? Her light-skinned colour? Sheesh…