9 Aug 2009

Sunday breakfast

This morning, Punks wanted pancakes. Not the ones from the corner shop, but home made pancakes as I used to prepare for her when she was first beginning to eat solids. I obliged.

The following is my recipe:

Beat 2 eggs in a bowl.

Add 1/2 cup sugar (I use only a little because the syrup takes care of the rest). Beat well.

Add 1/2 cup warm milk (warm milk makes the flour not lump up). Mix well, until you have a smooth mixture.

Add flour gradually, mixing until you have smooth mixture that flows when the bowl is tilted.

Pancake mix

Cook in a non-stick frying pan (preferably) without oil or butter. When done, it should look like this:

Pancake w/o syrup

Add syrup.

pancakes with syrup