2 Aug 2009

That Caribbean degree

One of the reasons I’ve resisted studying at university level in Trinidad and Tobago, for over 20 years, is that degrees done in Trinidad and Tobago are about as valid as the toilet paper you wipe your arse. One strong flush…

Think that is too strong a statement?

Do some research in how recognised a degree from UWI is in any part of the world outside of T&T. Oh, and when you feel that answer is bad, think how UTT and USC are much, much worse.

I’ve known people who studied part of a course in UWI, Jamaica and transferred to Trinidad and realised then that same qualification is not recognised by UWI, Trinidad. Makes sense, right? Especially since it is the same ‘school’.

We have now wasted almost five years doing a degree that is not recognised.

To the writer of this letter… you have only yourself to blame.