30 Aug 2009

Trini makes it on X-Factor…

Like all of this Trini..here we go …


Well, I could imagine.. Monday (tomorrow) might well be a day of national celebration.. public holiday and Carnaval for all I know or cyare – and it is Independence Day or something isn’t it?

Right – dee gyul could sing. ..and dat will obviously overshadow my other observations:

1. Dat she very fat – an objective statement devoid of bias.

2. She could lose a few stone.

3. She very unattractive – my perception – and I free to say so.

Oh gord – well look trouble now! Everybody go be on my case.

Well none ah dee above means I eh glad for dee gyul. I does jes worry what the British public might think of people from dong on dee Rock. With so much bias in certain documentaries showing rather more Afro-trini faces than Indo-trini faces, I could well imagine some Brits in the privacy of dey own home thinking ‘Hmmm.. oh dear me.. yet another fat black Afro-Caribbean. ..oooh with such a lovely voice.’.

It’s not anybody’s fault. I’m simply pointing out a possibility that is not remote at all… will cope with the flak later.