7 Aug 2009

Unbelievable fairness and unfairness

I don’t know what happens dong on dee rock deese days, so forgive meh eef meh memory or 20 years ago lead meh to expect dat when dey cut orf yuh water dey do it ‘jes so’.

Well over here on a real fus world rock dey does give yuh notice. But daize not all – dey go even compensate yuh if they don’t resume water supply within their notice of time limits.

[The document below is zoomable and you can click and drag within it – just experiment with the features]

Now Englan’ eh perfect – I eh tryin’ tuh show dat it is. All ah sayin’ is that dere are some t’ings here I respec’. And most of the time dey aim to treat people wid respec’.

Well eef t’ings still bad on dee Rock, show dem how it is done ova here.

Oh shit – is rainy flood season again dong dey boy. Check dat Indian (sorry ah mean ‘indian lookin’ fella to be PC) ketchin he ass in a flood. Pic from Guardian 2009-08-06. He lucky he eh in a boat. Well maybe nex’ month he might have tuh use he boat.

See Guardian 2009-08-07 Flood in Dong Tong - flood all ova, man. Water fuh so!

Aye - now is a good time fuh allyuh to tell dem dat dee country need anodda desalination plant! Nah dat eh right - mo’ dan 30 years now people ketchin dey ass fuh water dong dey and suffering flood nearly every year. And whuh is dee solution ‘desalination plants’ – look leh meh stop dey before a lehgo some cuss.