27 Aug 2009

A virus called ‘stupidity’

They send me on some training to be able to train others in a specialised area of work – this was in late June 2009.

They then ask me for availability dates to then start training people i.e. me to use those skills to benefit others. I submit dates twice and they confirm receipt of those dates. First possible date was 1st October.

I hear nothing so I emailed last night to find out what’s happening. I get a call this morning: “I apologise for not updating you, but we decided to choose those who were nearer to Edinburgh”.

Two things arise that has me wondering about the stupidity of he human race? I shouldn’ generalise? Look doh make me start here nuh!

  1. From my location (known to these people) to Edinburgh is 75 min by air at a cost of £42 return. Daize dee average transit time and the cost is dirt cheap for 300+ miles. Rail would cost two or three times as much and take 5 hours+
  2. The next possible training event is early December
  3. You train ah man in June to do an important task and decide dat because of ‘distance’ [which is clearly not the issue] to let that training evaporate for longer than 4 months.

Now how much management qualifications you need to notice that that is not good management? Like none! I’s plain common sense – eh?

The issue with all management training is to teach people to think, to use ‘tools’ to make decisions. But one important issue in all this is, that you could lead ‘a horse to water but you cyah make it drink’.

You could give human beings all the knowledge and tools, ensure they gain all the skill they need in management or anything else – and guess what? Dey do F* all with it. We’re a very sad race indeed. If the human race is wiped out, like the dinosaurs were, it could well be due to ‘virus’ called ‘stupidity’ – which would be physically undetectable by any surviving future sentient life, that might come along. Quote me on dat.