25 Aug 2009

What’s dee right time and place?

See TT Express 2009-08-25 for the full story.

Brent Jerome - deadBrent Jerome, 30 - also known as 'Cougar' - a father of three, was found dead with a bullet hole in dee head last Friday. Jerome was a farmer. His wife gave birth to a baby girl on 8th August.

Before allyuh start – I doh know dee man from Adam, and a doh know he fr’en’ or famaly. So why should dis rather common and dull tale, of yet another person on dee rock being shot in dee head, interest me?

Firstly, notice dee media don't say dat he was a gyang leader or was involved wid gyangs.

Secondly, Jerome's mother consoled herself by saying "He was cool, nothing was too hard for him to do for anybody. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time"

Dee problem I have – I’m t’inking - I could well be treated like Jerome eef I go dong to spen' time on dee Rock. Ah mean po' Jerome couldna work out when was dee right time and where was dee right place. We should make no assumptions either way about the deceased’s intelligence. Have some respec’!

I cyah say dat me who is mo’ removed from Donkey Rock, go be any better dan dee likes of Jerome in figuring dis t’ing. So actually I would be at greater risk of getting a hole in dee head eef I go dong dey?

But what is this contemptuous concept of ‘right time and place’, dat is now so common among Rock crawlers? Yuh see dey come tuh accept now dat dee wrong time is after 6.00pm and the wrong place is anywhey outside dey steel cages. Bollocks! – as dey say in England.

Well yuh see me - I stoppin right here. I know I in dee right place right dis side – and dee wrong time is when I decide tuh make a trip dong dey. Ova tuh all diehard Rock Crawlers and Pastor Patos followers.