7 Aug 2009

WTF!!!? Not for speech


Imagine: a speaker system stretching “almost 37 feet wide and weighs just over four tons—obviously, it needs a really big room with heavily reinforced floors.”

Imagine: “each woofer panel, sports 24 8-inch cones, while the subwoofer panels each include 10 15-inch drivers.”

Imagine: “143dB SPL at the maximum rated continuous power and 146dB SPL at peak power thanks to a sensitivity of 100dB/W/m into 8Ω”

Imagine: six power amps, “each dual-mono amp generates 500 watts per channel for a total of 6 kilowatts, which seems like more than enough until you learn that the system can handle over twice that much power continuously and up to 62kW peak for 10 milliseconds! All six amps are controlled by one BC-1 preamp, which is also included.”

Imagine: “you're spending four million on the speakers and amps?”

Eh heh, now take a peekand here.