1 Sept 2009


People collect the oddest things at times. Some are fairly ‘normal’ but some are really outlandish.

Today, I am mentioning things I know first hand that people collect, that is, I actually know someone who collects these items.

I collect fountain pens, and leather wallets. I’ve been writing with fountain pens since primary school, always with black ink (I find it looks elegant and also is easier to see); at the present time, my everyday pen is a German Lamy. I also have Cross, Parker, Schaeffer etc. I even have one of those Youth fountain pens that were so popular in my heyday in primary school. Hint: the best gift anyone can give me is a fountain pen, fine nib.

Punks collects snow globes and pet rocks. When we went to Shrewsbury, she purchased a piece of iron pyrite, aka ‘fool’s gold’, and a very nice piece of amethyst. She’s into the fountain pen thing too. (^_^)


My sister collects coffee mugs, usually from places she has travelled, so she has from several European countries. Her boyfriend collects these little decorative wall plates…

My sisters and I also started a tradition of collecting thimbles for my mom. “What?” you ask.

Most places we visit, sell souvenir thimbles. These are small, cased and printed with the names and pictures of places we have visited, or where my mom has been. Her collection is more than 20 odd strong according to my bad memory.

One of my neighbours collects picture postcards. stamp collecting and coin collecting are fairly routine. Perhaps the oddest I’ve experienced is a friend’s husband who collects… fish. That’s right – he collects tropical fish, and has quite a few thousand in massive aquariums around his home.

Find a niche and start collecting…