11 Sept 2009

A dodgy CM and a dodgy charge

Well, as I pointed out in my last post yesterday, there is something wrong with Shermie appearing before his juniors. Said junior agreed with Israel Khan that before a motor vehicle charge is laid, it ought to have been discussed with the Office of the DPP.

Gonzales told Khan that she was "concerned" about the charges laid and found his submissions about the abuse of process to be "very valid".

So for the last time I am telling all you suckers caught at road blocks, please, doh take dem charges so. Make sure that the charges are discussed with the Office of the DPP, and for all those of you who have paid fines in the past, now you can bring a class action suit regarding the legality of those fines including those that were imposed by Shermie.

Khan submitted that McNicolls was covered under a fully comprehensive plan from Capital Insurance, where his client has an "automatic renewal".

That’s new one on me. I remember if I didn’t renew my insurance, it expired and I was not covered. But then, I wasn’t with a dodgy company like Capital, I was insured with ALGICO. Maybe they did things differently. Maybe they did things according to commonsense and the law.

If not, it means some sort of pressure was brought to bear on Capital to produce a “letter from the insurance company verifying the renewal policy to Gonzales.”

Follow me here a little. It makes sense at this point to find out how long the insurance lapsed and how soon after the delay it was renewed. Bet your bottom dollar that when Shermie reported the accident in South later that day, it was because he hurriedly went and paid his insurance.

The woman later made a report at the Belmont station, while Simon reported the accident later that night at Princes Town Police Station.

But the length of time in the lapse is important… why?

Because if your insurance company sees a week or 2 pass after the lapse, despite automatic renewal, the insurance will not be valid as I am sure they will cancel for non-payment. You see?

Here in the UK the insurance lapses at midnight on the last day. Woe onto you if you ent renew at least the day before. Maybe things changed a lot since I left Trinidad.