3 Sept 2009

Duncey Day

Trust dunceys to make my day. Check this out.

A police inspector working with a special unit in the service is now under investigation, after reporting that he was attacked by thieves while driving home and robbed of court documents and his service revolver.

The internal investigation was launched after the "stolen" gun was taken to police headquarters by a Marabella businessman who said he found it at a bar.

Well, well, well. The Inspector has, no doubt formulated over the years, the popular pastime of stopping at a bar before, during or after work. More likely during.

He forgets his briefcase, no doubt because he was drunk (and driving) or because he had long eye on some PYT.

Then, to cover his arse, he reports it stolen. And has the other dunceys chasing 2 fictitious men. Now, the question here is, what if they did arrest someone? Would that person(s) be charged and sentenced based upon an Inspector’s lies and gollywhoppers?

The second story is about the absence of dunceys to attend court. I know, we had one duncey who failed to attend court a record 32 times, but Coroner Nalini Singh ent taking that shit.

She ordered that the two dunceys be arrested without bail, immediately, and set the continuation of the inquest to Sept 9th. think the dunceys will spend time in jail? Nope, they’ll be ‘arrested’ and released, or ‘arrested’ just before the next hearing under the excuse that they couldn’t be found.

Now ah have ah funny story for allyuh. yeah, is about ah duncey, probably one ah dem who was ketching de manicou ah did tell allyuh bout.

Anyway, dis happen to meh brother-in-law. And right by the Débé police post too. You know how dey dunceys does move only when yuh light a fire under dey arse.

Well, dey was holding road blocks in Débé after the big accident on the creek (the duncey solution to everything). Meh BIL (brother-in-law, people) coming down de road and get ketch up in de jam.

He get pull over, for having a set ah fancy lights on his car, all legally fitted into holes dey design de car with, eh. And dey not connected up, so dey ent wukking.

De duncey check de man license, de car insurance and then ask de man if de car pass inspection (MOT for English readers, yeah dey doing that dong on the Rock a good few years now). This despite the car having a valid sticker.

Next, the duncey ask for the certificate of inspection. So meh BIL tell him, dey does only give that out in private garage that do the MOT, but if you do the inspection in Licensing Office then dey only issue you wid de sticker.

So de duncey ask wey he get the inspection done.

Meh BIL replied, “In de office on Wrightson Road".”

De duncey ups and says, “Dey pass you wid dem lights?”

Meh BIL replied, “ Yes.”

De duncey then tried to show that he was either smart or intelligent, so he asked, “Yuh carry de car in de day or de night?”

Josh Groban







Leaving dunceys aside, my playlist this morning is Josh Groban’s A Collection (2008).