10 Sept 2009

Duncey in court

Allyuh see Shermie in court today? You know, de charge where he didn’t have insurance for his car (HiLux) and de duncey driving didn’t bother to check.

Well, I consider de wording of the charge and I not sure it exist on the ‘books’ as dey say, so I doubtful Shermie getting even a fine, or a lil lecture from one of his underlings.

Dat is a peculair scenario too, ent? De man is de Chief Magistrate (wid Capital Letters) and he have to appear before ah he juniors. Ah mean, how dey could censure he without thinking that he might get back at dem later on. Next ting you know dey get ah fecking transfer to Icacos or somewhere similar.

Still, dis one bears watching.