11 Sept 2009

Hermaphrodite or man?

There has been a massive controversy over South Africa’s Caster Semenya.

The controversy comes about because of ‘her’ manly appearance and performance at the games.

Certain protestors complained that ‘she’ was a man competing in women's’ events and therefore had an unfair advantage.

So, someone suggested gender testing. And it seems that the protestors were right all along.

Now, the yet-to-be released report of the gender testing states that Semenya is a hermaphrodite, one born with both sex organs. Still, there is more male than female in that body so even that is a questionable state in my mind.

According to the report, Semenya has no ovaries or womb, and has testes, even if they are internal. And with 3 times more testosterone than a typical female, the clues clearly point to masculinity more than the feminine.

One waits to see how this will play out…