27 Sept 2009


It is a well known ‘fact’ that parents want better for their children than they themselves had. At least, I surmise this ‘fact’ to be true as it certainly applies to my hopes for Punks.

I cannot speak for other races, or cultures except by what I observe, but I have observed that ‘Indian’ families that were agriculturally based, career-wise, were among the ones pushing the children into excelling at education. Now, quite a lot of fields lie fallow while the second and third generations earn in professional fields such as law, medicine, teaching, engineering, etc.

By all intents and purposes, parents of such professionals must feel that they have fulfilled some goal, in giving their offspring a ‘better’ (easier?) living than ploughing and cultivating land under a harsh sun.

Have they, though?

Securing financial stability is all your responsibility? I am not so sure. I asked before, what price will we pay for ignoring other issues?

What use is it when your children earn more, and yet some thug in the night feels it is better owed to him?

What use is it when the money they earn has to pay privately for yours and their health issues at non-governmental health institutions because they are the only efficient ones?

What use is it when they cannot go out to visit family and friends beyond a certain time of day, for fear of kidnappers and murderers?

What use is it when the government of the day erodes their rights so much that they find  it easier to move to another country away from you? How do you enjoy your family then? Will you ever know the generations to come after?

How do you resolve to bury your head as the country around you becomes dirty, filthy and toxic, while you ignore issues that abut your own sphere but which you ignore wilfully?

How do you justify your stance, and ignorance, when your actions say you do not care?

How do you tell your children, and your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren that you could have made a difference but you chose not to, and that is why their generations are in deep shit?

Is this what your inheritance will be?