16 Sept 2009

Is it just me?

Yep. That’s the question. Is it just me who wondering how to please Mr Manning? Well no – the JLSC has now embarked on a massive drive to please Mr Big! Eh? Wha’ a talkin’ bout? Look nah man.. allyuh eh know who dee JLSC is, or what dis is about?

Right – read Newsday 2009-09-16 where the JLSC is out on a hunt to find a new DPP that meets Mr Manning’s approval. Buh hol’ on a sec.  Does anybody know what was so not pleasing about Carla Brown-Antoine and Roger Gaspard?

Well it seems as “The Prime Minister relied on the Constitution to avoid having to make his reasons public.” What? So it real top secret den? Well ah hope dee JLSC knows what dee reasons are, so dey please dee man good an’ proper. Look, dey better please Mr Big t’ird time rong, else could be big trouble. Right?

Ah mean eef a third choice was den rejected, den what dee ass nex’? Dey go jes go hunting for a fourth and fifth and so on? Somebody who know mo’ dan me, help meh out wid dis tah.