12 Sept 2009

A little bit of something about nothing

Today is a really hot and beautiful day here in sunny Birmingham. there isn’t a thing wrong with the weather; perfect day for a BBQ or some outdoor fun.

I’ve already washed, Punks’ school uniform is out back on a line, I’ve done the dishes, the minced lamb is cooked and all I have to do is make my pies (from the minced lamb). Maybe some spaghetti in hoi-sin sauce later too.

After that, I am going outdoors on a picnic blanket, open a beer or 2 and enjoy the day getting a tan (as if a Trini Indian need a tan in England, right?). (^_^)

I have old paper bills to shred but that can be done later, or if the weather changes. You’d be surprised at how much paper work can pile up – I started reducing the amount by scanning my bills and filing tem as PDF files on my computer and shredding the originals. If I need a copy, I can reprint it for the occasion.

Da is outside running around, all covered in sun block.

Time for him to pull out his little pool and have a splash around.