21 Sept 2009

A little good news

Punks has been ill lately, since last Monday in fact. I picked her up from school, and on the bus she complained of feeling feverish and having a headache. That night she had a high fever.

The next day was a consult with the GP, who advised rest and isolation, in consideration of swine flu. A week off from school, and then another visit to the GP today. A hacking cough that refuses to let go. More medication, but some good news. No signs of swine flu so all is clear to go back to school; fever and headaches have gone, but the cough and chest pains are still there...

Da is fine; Ari was kept in full isolation. In fact, Da is planning his first vacation, but I'll let his dad tell the story.

In the meantime, I have a sitcom story to write. I'll keep readers updated.