5 Sept 2009

‘Love of computers’ causes death!

Look, I was jes goin’ and res’ meh head. Who tell meh to go click on The TT Guardian Website.

Well when ah see dis dohtishness I couldn’ res’!! Well I tell you – stupidity knows no boundaries dong on Donkey Island. See the Guardian 2009-09-04.

Basically a 15 year old computer wiz kid was stabbed to death by some thug who was after his Blackberry.

The father of the deceased put some importance to his son stopping at an Internet cafe and having a Blackberry.

The Guardian however, construed the death as due to ‘love of computers’  - well what a load o’ utter twaddle! Buh yuh know it have chupid people who go believe t’ing like dat in dee Guardian.

Look, everybody is entitled to have a Blackberry and to walk without fear, from an internet cafe, at any time of the day or night. This very sad homicide was not due to a Blackberry or love of computers as the Guardian might have you think.

No - this crime was due to a failure of a government to get a proper grip on crime! No more, no less.