4 Sept 2009

Nobody cares

Years ago at school when we were doing our Advanced Level studies, our vice principal asked if we knew what was the national motto of Trinidad and Tobago. Eager hands went up and one person said " Together we aspire, Together we achieve". Our vice principal said no. We were confused. Some decided to quote various mottos and even parts of the National Anthem. To all these attempts he still said no. Then he said to us that the Motto of Trinidad and Tobago is "Nobody Cares".

Nobody cares that our health care professionals still operate in dilapidated facilities with equipment from the 70s. No wonder there is a drain of doctors and nursing personnel. No wonder those left behind are disgruntled and the health care system is poor.

Nobody cares that our Licensing staff continue to do their work from the same small offices throughout the country. Population and demand have grown but all systems remain the same.

Nobody cares that roads beyond the East-West Corridor remain in bad state despite our having home-grown pitch. We only need the drive from airport to Port of Spain in good condition, for obvious reasons.

Nobody cares if your car gets damaged with these bad road conditions or if you lose control of your car due to poor roads. No, nobody cares.

Nobody cares that one day oil will run out.

Nobody cares about the high cost of living.

Nobody cares that the Opposition party can offer no hope and is destined to remain in opposition.

Nobody cares that crime is living next to you, following you around and taking your young.

Nobody cares that big business is getting away with destroying our land and agriculture does not get the respect it deserves.

Nobody cares that there continues to be poor customer service at our Government offices and public institutions.

Nobody cares that King Sugar is dead.

Nobody cares that Uncle Kamal should rightfully get a national award for his contribution to our country.

Nobody cares that this present dictator is spending our monies building castles in the sky while town floods.

Nobody cares that our utility rates are rising, rising, rising.

After all these years our vice principal was correct.

It is time to change this motto.

Nelini M Ramdeen-Boodoo

El Dorado