10 Sept 2009

Of mice, rats and dunceys

The defence of dunceys found with court exhibits at home and elsewhere:

Newsday understands that it is the norm for police officers to leave exhibits in lockers and desk drawers at police stations, in their cars, or even at their homes. Sergeants at all police stations are supposed to ensure that all exhibits taken from the property rooms at police stations, are returned. This procedure was not being adhered to, and was allowed to continue until recently when it was discovered that officers were not lodging exhibits. Some officers complained that they took exhibits home for legitimate reasons, while others added that the property keeper was not always available to secure exhibits.

From the Newsday.

I especially like the part about taking the exhibits home for legitimate reasons. I’m still trying to think of one.

Real police officers, not dunceys, all over the world, who read this, must be laughing themselves into a helpless pee fest.