23 Sept 2009

Script for a successful sitcom

Every sitcom that is successful, at least those out of the American market, has a specific formula. I first noticed the formula when I was a young teen watching Three’s Company. Then I also observed the same winning formula in Family Ties, Cheers and Friends. In fact, without calling all the names of the sitcoms, the formula is there. The formula was quadrupled in Married… with Children.

The PNM has taken this formula to new heights, which I suspect is partially responsible for its ‘success’.

The successful formula, which you may be really curious about right now, is to throw really, really dotish people to the fore to grab the attention. There is nothing so like laughing at dotish people, and it is apparent that for decades Hollywood has capitalised on this.

  • Three's Company – Chrissy
  • Family Ties – Mallory
  • Cheers – Woody
  • Friends – Joey
  • Married… with children – all of the Bundys.

With the PNM, it is once again a winning formula. Throw in a clueless patriarch (in Family Ties), and numerous ‘children’ whose antics can best be described as brainless, and what do you get? A party that the people love.

As I said a winning sitcom formula.