22 Sept 2009

SFGH A&E – maggots photo

Last night, my sis in Trinidad got a bad pain in her lower back and side. The family called an ambulance and it was there within 20 minutes. The paramedics sorted her out, gave her vomit bags etc… and then took her to A&E at San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH).

From 5 pm to 11 pm, she was not yet seen. But that is not the essence of my story.

My other sister who accompanied her was horrified to see ‘big juicy maggots’ crawling under the doctors’ table of all places. Apparently, there wasn’t anyone changing the garbage. As my sister put it:

“Home maggots are kinda malnourished; these were really big, fat and well-fed!”

I didn’t believe her so she sent me the following photo taken with her cell phone.


The black is the wooden trim at the base of the wall, and the maggots were all the way down the length of the room.

This is in the emergency room of the second largest general hospital, a place where mopping and sterilising are done routinely… or are they? This is a place where patients come with all kinds of open wounds, infections etc.

Stephen RamroopCome on Stephen Ramroop, what kind of place are you running there? Get your staff working. As head of A&E and Hospital Medical Director, this is your direct responsibility!!!

By the way, I also had it that the clerks were doing BP and other duties that are rightfully the job of nursing and medical personnel. You may want to look into that too.

Let’s see some action, just not this type.

PS:Update:- The word is that this is a direct result of the budget cuts being felt by the Health Ministry.

Expect to see related pests and vermin at other Gov't Depts.